Snappers in Boynton Beach, Florida

the Best Steamed Clams in the World!

My parents used to live in Boynton Beach, Florida. There are plenty of places to get good food there, but no visit to BB was complete without one or two meals at Snappers.

It's a huge restaurant with a huge menu. Despite the variety, I almost always ordered steamed clams, because it's a favorite of mine and the Snappers version is so much better than what I've had elsewhere.

It can be very simple to steam clams. You can just put a bunch of clams into a steamer (or even into a microwave oven) and wait a few minutes. Some people have more exotic techniques, often adding beer, wine or Old Bay Seasoning to the water, or using only beer or wine. With good clams, however, no additives are necessary.

The first time I ordered steamed clams at Snappers I waited about 20 minutes. I was afraid that there was a disaster in the kitchen or that maybe the restaurant was awaiting a clam delivery.

But, no. The chef was just taking the required amount of time to achieve absolute perfection!

I'm not sure what he added to the liquid, but after I slurped down the clams I attacked the broth with bread and absolutely emptied the platter. I wish I could have gotten a gallon to go.

Sadly, my father died a few years ago and my mother moved back up north to be near the kiddies. I'd like to go back to BB again -- for the clams.


NOTE: The clam photo above is a pretty good substitute I'm using until I can get a photo of the real Snappers steamers.

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