Maine is the biggest state in New England. It's so big, in
fact, that it's about as big as the other five New England
states put together.

Maine's Atlantic coastline is chopped up with bays, inlets
and harbors, and measures about 3,500 miles. If you add
Maine's Atlantic islands, the coastline totals over 5000
miles, more than twice as much as Florida and California

Maine is known as the Pine Tree State, and is the only
state in the United States whose name has one syllable,
and the only state that borders only one other state.

Besides its pine trees, Maine is known for moose, boat
building, blueberries, L. L. Bean, and potatoes; and
supplies 90% of America's lobsters. Maine's fishermen
also get lots of delicious clams.

Maine clam cuisine is a bit different from southern New England.

The clam chowder is as thin as water (but often extremely
good). Lobster rolls are cold and made with mayo, not hot and
made with butter. Fried clams and steamers are widely
available, but I've never found raw clams or stuffed clams in
any Maine restaurant. Anyone know why?

The Best Fried Clams on Earth are the caramel colored whole-belly

crunchies served at Cindy's, a genuine clam shack a little south
of Freeport, Maine. Other specialties include steamers,
perfect lobsters, cookies,  scrumptious fried mushrooms,
cold lobster rolls and addictive clam chowder. Serious eaters
merit free samples. Cindy's opens around Memorial Day and
cooks until it gets cold. Phone number is 207-865-1635. CLICK
for our Cindy's section.

If you get an urge for great seafood in mid-winter, when New England's open-air eateries are closed, you'll be pleased to

know that the al-fresco experience is available in a heated dining room, at Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine. Bob's started out as a tiny shack nearly 50 years ago, and has grown and grown and grown.
The menu is big, too, with delicious fried clams and fried clam strips, scallops, oysters, lobster rolls, shrimp, plus burgers, dogs and chicken for the landlubbers. It's at 315 Route 1, near the outlets. Open all year, starting at 11 AM. Call 207 439-4233. With a purchase, you get a free view of the water. 

The Yarmouth Clam Festival takes place every summer, during the third weekend in July in the charming coastal village of Yarmouth, Maine. This summertime tradition draws visitors from all over the

country who come to enjoy the music and arts, events and
competition, and of course, the delicious food. Parking may be difficult, but the food is worth it.

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