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If You Want to be Happy as a Clam, Eat Some Clams! -- coming soon

Best Fried Clams

in the World


in Freeport,


Best-Non-Fried Clams in the World

The Place

in Guilford, Connecticut

Best Steamed Clams

in the World


in Boynton Beach, Florida

WeLoveClams.com is a labor of love, provided by Michael N.
Marcus. This site has a simple purpose: 
to spread the word about clams, good places to eat them and good ways to cook them.

We welcome recommendations and contributions, especially with digital photos. We're particularly interested in hearing about great clam joints outside the northeast US where we are.

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United Clam Lovers of America
Membership Requirements
There are five classes of membership:

  1. People who love clams.
  2. People who like clams a whole lot.
  3. People who like clams very much.
  4. People who don't hate clams.
  5. None of the above

To maintain our high standards, no waivers of membership qualification will be granted. You must qualify for one of the five classes listed above. Lifetime membership fee is five clams.

You eat them; don't send them to us.

A clam is like sex.
Even when it isn't very good, it's still pretty good.​ When it's terrible, it's REALLY terrible.

Clams are good for your health. A recent study showed that 99.76% of people who ate clams were still​ alive 24 hours later.

"Where's my weenie?" Hard-shell clams (cherrystone, littleneck, etc.) are born as males and many become females later.

(below) Who decides these are the best clams in the world?  I doIf you disagree, build your own website.

This is the official T-shirt for the United Clam Lovers of America.  It is available to members as well as unaffiliated clam lovers. Pre-shrunk, 100% cotton, 6.1 ounce heavyweight knit fabric. Double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems. Shoulder-to-shoulder taping. High quality printing -- not a cheap iron-on decal. Price includes shipping to all 50 states.


(below) Read extremely funny story  about Michael's first encounter with raw clams, and more than 100 other tales spanning 55 years. In hardcover, paperback and ebook formats. Stories I'd Tell My Children (but maybe not until they're adults). Bestseller!


"Clams -- I simply cannot imagine why anyone would eat something slimy served in an ashtray." -- Henry Beard (Author & humourist)

"She ate so many Clams that her stomach rose and fell with the tide." -- Louis Kronenberger (American critic and author, 1904-1980)


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